Monday, February 8, 2016

Something about the Beatles

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE the Beatles. Absolute all time, full stop, no more entries, submissions are closed favorite group. Always loved them ("Yellow Submarine" was played on WGN in Chicago I believe around Easter every year and it was something I always tried to catch); fell in love with them when I was twelve and I saw "A Hard Day's Night" played on TV. My sister actually bought "Wings at the Speed of Sound" (she was never a huge Beatles fan) and I fell in love with the album. I remember buying "The White Album from" The Record People, a record store a few blocks away, and insisting that my sister listen to it cause it was so incredible (I don't think she ever listened to it, but she humored me and told she liked it). 

So I love the Beatles. They make me happy. Listening to them makes me happy. Watching them in movies and various performances makes me happy. And I will probably wax poetic on them every so often.

Right now I want to introduce you to a fantastic podcast about the Beatles by two Beatles "historians" and authors Richard Ruskin and Robert Rodriguez who do a podcast called "Something About the Beatles". The podcasts examines various things surrounding the Beatles (for example the podcast I'm listening to now concerns the myths that are part of the Beatles story). 

I highly recommend listening to this whether you're a Beatles fan or not. The hosts are incredibly knowledgeable and are very good on the "radio." And it's an fascinating part of history. This band, four guys from modest means, most who couldn't read music, changed so much about music and culture. It's astonishing. And when you listen to these podcasts, you get an idea of just how important they were. 

So tune in and enjoy Something About the Beatles.

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