Saturday, June 30, 2012


I started this blog several years ago as part of a project for the library where I work. It was never meant to go anywhere really, just proof to the higher ups that I could do it. Part of a program called All Wired Up that many libraries were encouraging staff members to take part in.

Once it was done, I considered keeping it up for my own sake, but as free time grew tighter, I put it aside to concentrate on other things. Recently, however I thought, I revisited it. I yearn for organization (though my apartment would say otherwise) and this gives me a chance to divert ideas on audio/visual to this blog (I also have a blog for my writing and one for more political pieces).

So here I am. King Khan, the subject of my first entry, has held up this blog long enough (though I’m sure I will include him again in the future). Let me begin a new attempt to keep up with this blog by posting a piece about another favorite subject of mine. The Beatles.

I was born in April 1964 and was barely a blip on the map when the Beatles performed on the Ed Sullivan show in November of that year. Growing up in the late 60s and 70s, I of course knew of them, heard songs from them. Watched the cartoon “Yellow Submarine” when it was shown on TV. They were great. I knew this.

But it wasn’t until I saw “A Hard Day’s Night” for the first time that I realized just how great they were. Of course my 12-year-old self was also attracted to their looks (never stopping to consider that at that point they were probably about 20 years older than I was). There was something about that movie, on that day, at that moment that just clicked and I became a diehard Beatlefan.

"Can't Buy Me Love" from "A Hard Day's Night"

Of course as many late-to-the-party fans will tell you, it’s hard to be hit by the bug long after the phenomenon ended (luckily, however, the Beatles were working on solo careers—and really, in some respects, the phenomenon has never ended). Music, books, movies, TV shows. So much of it may be new to you when to others it’s old news (news that you nonetheless want to share anyway cause you’re so happy to have found this particular bit of brilliance). My poor older sister. Several years after the record had been released, I insisted she listen to the White Album which I had just purchased and was enthralled with. And she wasn’t even a Beatles fan (she skued more Beach Boys).

I have never been bashful about my love for the Beatles (nor have I ever really needed to be). And even though I’ve discovered fabulous bands after, they’ve always held the top spot.

Tomorrow: Songs covered by the Beatles.